02 February 2018

In order to increase the effectiveness of partner programs, Bank Credit Dnipro conducted a series of training courses for managers of companies selling agricultural equipment. The specialists of the sales development department in agribusiness informed the participants of the events about the specifics of bank lending and its advantages over other forms of financing customers for the purchase of agricultural equipment, told about the algorithms and the procedure for interaction with the bank in the context of the proposed agribusinesses offered by the financial institution. The beginning of the calendar year for the first training session was chosen not casually - the companies use the seasonal pause in agricultural machinery sales not only to summarize and plan, but also to improve their professional competencies.

Among the partners who took part in the January seminars, included one of the leading players of the agro-market with the international name: "KUN Ukraine", "Pöttinger Ukraine" and "Deutsche Agrartechnik".

As a result of the events, their participants - heads of head offices and regional managers of companies from all over Ukraine - noted the high productivity of the training, the interesting presentation of information, the activity of the discussions.

"The idea of training for agro-partners has emerged due to the fact that an increasing number of companies prefer to attract external resources to finance their clients, and the key role in the effectiveness of the process is the level of awareness of the direct sellers of technology in the basics of bank financing, their ability to use in sales the food and technological advantages bank, "said Yevgeny Khurilenko, head of the sales development department in the agribusiness of Bank Credit Dnipro. "Our training program has a clear applied nature, explaining to managers in the most simple and understandable form the competitive advantages of financing terms and demonstrating a number of unique preferences for clients."

The first successful experience of carrying out learning trainings, the banker noted, indicates the expediency of continuing this practice, especially since many partners have already confirmed their participation.

In general, the active development of more than 20 partner programs with leading distributors of agricultural machinery forms about half of the bank's agricultural portfolio. These programs are beneficial to all parties: for technology suppliers - is the increase in sales; the bank attracts more loyal customers, and clients in turn receive a quality resource for development at an affordable price and highly qualified expertise from the profile experts.


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