Update of deposit rates: 17% for 3 months

03 October 2023

For 3 months, the maximum interest rate for the “Reliable” deposit is 17% of the interest rate for a deposit for 3 months. Choose the placement lines that are right for you and collect additional income from your assets. 

About the rate change

Following new plans for placing deposits at Credit Dnipro Bank, the maximum interest rate is set to 17% of interest rates for a deposit for 3 months. Apparently, for placing a deposit for 6 and 12 months, the rate becomes 16.5% and 16% of the daily rate.

You can increase your deposit income using an additional calculator:  you can also select the corresponding line and sum contribution.

Basic thoughts 

The deposit is forfeited as one of the most secure ways to deprive income, and all your assets are 100% stolen by the government. Under the hour of war and 3 months after its completion, 100% of the amount of your deposit is guaranteed by the Federal State Fund.

Basic details of the deposit:

  • Deposit lines – 1, 3, 6 and 12 months,
  • Rate – up to 17%,
  • Minimum deposit amount is 500 UAH,
  • Payment of hundreds of hundred thousand monthly or at the end of the line
  • Renewal is possible during the first month for deposits for a period of 2 months.

You can find out about the new rates on the "Nadіyniy" deposit here.

How to open a deposit 

You can make a deposit at any affiliate of Credit Dnipro Bank:

  1. fill out a deposit application on the website,
  2. check for the manager,
  3. open a deposit in the selected branch.

Or open a deposit yourself online at the FreeBank account:

  1. log in to zastosunku
  2. go to the Deposits section
  3. Click “Withdraw deposit” and withdraw from your deposit.

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