Useful financial habits from Credit Dnipro Bank and Mastercard

17 September 2020
Credit Dnipro Bank actively supports the All-Ukrainian information campaign to combat payment fraud, which the National Bank of Ukraine conducts in partnership with cyberpolice, payment systems, mobile operators, national and regional carriers, retailers, logistics and service companies, leading Ukrainian banks.
The international payment system Mastercard reminds of useful financial habits that help to manage own funds technologically, comfortably and safely:
  1. Pay without cash: compared to cash payments, it is more convenient and faster, more hygienic and safer, and it also allows you to analyze costs and better control your finances.
  2. Pay contactless: the technology of contactless payment by card, smartphone or other gadget does not require direct contact between the card and the terminal, so you do not need to transfer the card to third parties, the customer controls the payment process independently.
  3. Buy online: without queues, at a convenient time and in any store in the world, the payment process is protected by Mastercard security standards; it is desirable to check the reliability of online stores and websites, use only your own devices - smartphone, computer or tablet, set a limit on online payments, use a card with 3D Secure payment confirmation technology.
  4. Pay utility bills online: no need to adjust to the work schedule of bank or post office branches and spend time in queues, with a minimal or no commission, receipts will be stored in the system and sent by e-mail.
  5. Transfer money online: help loved ones, borrow money, repay debt conveniently with online services to transfer money from card to card, knowing only the 16-digit card number of the recipient, which the system automatically checks by a special algorithm to prevent errors.
  6. Do not disclose personal data: an important condition for safe use of the card - do not tell anyone its full details (number, validity, CVC2-code), PIN-code, passwords and codes sent in SMS-messages; in any suspicious cases, you should immediately call the bank at the official number indicated on the back of the card.
Training of useful financial habits and advice to relatives, friends, colleagues to adhere to them is an important component of payment culture and financial literacy, as well as a guarantee of carefree mutually beneficial relations of clients with banks.

The information campaign to combat payment fraud takes place in July-September 2020 in all regions of Ukraine. You can learn more about the campaign at the link.




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