International transfers

If you need to get money in Ukraine from abroad or make money transfer abroad, you can use special money transfer systems.
International money transfers mean transfer of funds between residents and non-residents of the state, ensuring the transfer of money to the beneficiary's account or issuing them to him in cash. Bank Credit Dnipro offers its customers the opportunity to cross-border transfer of cash on favorable terms through the most popular and widely used translation systems in the world.

Types of cross-border transfers

Today the market presents a large number of payment systems that deal with the transfer of money between countries. Bank Credit Dnipro cooperates with the most famous and popular among them, offering its customers cross-border money transfers with the participation of such large operators as:

  • Western Union - provides urgent transfers in more than 200 countries;
  • MoneyGram - has more than 275 service points around the world;
  • Ria - covers 147 states of America, Asia and Europe;
  • Welsend is a relatively young translation service, widely represented in the post-Soviet space.

Each system of external transfers has its differences and features, which make it most convenient and profitable under certain conditions. Features of the translation service are largely determined:

  • geography and territorial breadth of coverage;
  • tariffs for international money transfers;
  • the speed of cross-border remittances;
  • currency zones;
  • conditions for sending transfers.

The transfer of money from the country to the country by means of Western Union allows you to receive money in US dollars, euros (in all EU countries), hryvnia and Russian rubles. In turn, with the help of Welsend you can not only receive a transfer to any of the most topical four currencies in Ukraine (UAH, USD, EUR). The service also allows you to transfer money to another country in these currency areas. Welsend performs translations in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Greece, Israel. The system is also presented in other 32 countries of the world with the payment of funds through a system partner - the service of international transfers of IntelExpress.

The Ria payment system is the most popular way of transferring money to Ukraine from the USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal and Italy. As a sending and receiving currency, this service uses only US dollars and euros. This is also true for money transfers via MoneyGram. The system of international money transfer MoneyGram attracts the opportunity, together with the money amount, to send the receiver telegram free of charge up to 10 words. In addition, flexible service rates provide for a reduction in the commission fee for the transfer with an increase in its amount.

In all these systems, the transfer of money transfers to another country usually takes 5-10 minutes. Paid translation is traditionally exclusively the sender.

How to send and receive an international transfer

The algorithm of sending and receiving a transfer in the bank "Credit Dnipro" is quite simple. To make money transfers abroad, you should:
apply to any branch of the bank;

  • present the original identity document to the operator;
  • indicate the name the transfer destination, the amount and currency of the funds transferred;
  • sign an application for sending money and deposit the transfer amount and commission for services to the bank's cashier;
  • inform the beneficiary of the amount and currency of the transfer, as well as the control code.

To receive an international bank transfer, you should contact the bank branch with a passport or other identification documents. The operator should inform sender, amount, transfer currency, and control code. The funds are issued immediately after the operator checks the specified transfer data.

Advantages of international transfers

When transferring money abroad or receiving funds from abroad with the help of Bank Credit Dnipro, you can count on:

  • Ability to select optimal conditions for cross-border transfer;
  • the security of international financial transactions;
  • high speed of translations;
  • Confidentiality of information about the sender and the recipient.

The unconditional reliability of the bank and the professionalism of its employees ensure the rapid processing of international transfers and guaranteed delivery of financial assets to virtually anywhere in the world for the shortest period.


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