"Vіlnі koshti" account

Даний продукт недоступний для оформлення з 19.09.2022 року
"Vіlnі koshti" (Free funds) account from the Bank Credit Dnipro is a demand deposit and is a convenient and reliable option to save money and receive passive income. The service implies a deposit for a month with the possibility of a monthly extension of the contract. This financial product allows you to place funds without a specific binding to the deadline, since the main feature of the product is the ability to freely access funds without a clear binding to a specific date. The client will receive interest for the actual number of days during which his resources were on the account. He can place a free amount of money on his account and make a profit every month, in addition, he can freely dispose of deposit funds without restrictions. This is an ideal solution for those who want to accumulate money and enjoy all the benefits of a bank deposit, while maintaining free access to funds throughout the term of the deposit agreement.


  • free access to your funds at any time
  • free replenishment of deposit
  • demand deposit
  • free withdrawals of deposit without loss of interest
  • interest is charged daily and paid monthly, on the last business day of the month


  • monthly interest payment;
  • possibility of replenishment;
  • possibility of early termination;
  • withdrawal with no limitation of part or entire amount of the deposit with preservation of charged interest;
  • guarantee of security of the deposit due to the Bank  participation in the Fund of Deposit Guarantee.
  • maximum amount - not limited
Даний продукт недоступний для оформлення з 19.09.2022 року

Advantages and benefits of the "Free funds" deposit

One of the key advantages offered by the opening of the free deposit "Vіlnі koshti" is unlimited access to funds and the opportunity to use them if necessary at any time convenient for the client, in contrast to a fixed-term deposit, under the terms of which the client cannot withdraw the money placed earlier prescribed in the contract term.

In turn, a deposit with a monthly withdrawal of interest "Vіlnі koshti" provides an opportunity:

  • freely replenish the deposit - you can add without restriction, the deposit replenishment amount is chosen arbitrarily by the depositor;
  • without restrictions to withdraw money (part of the money or the entire amount) - upon withdrawal, the depositor does not lose interest accrued on the deposit;
  • keep funds indefinitely - the deposit period does not have a clearly defined termination date.

It is also beneficial that the depositor has the right to terminate the deposit ahead of schedule for 1 month without penalties and commissions. Withdrawal of interest on a deposit in a demand bank can be made monthly - they are accrued on the last working day of the month. The security of deposits with a monthly interest is guaranteed by the Individual Deposits Guarantee Fund, to which Bank Credit Dnipro is a participant.

Features of the deposit "Vіlnі koshti"

Deposits with a monthly interest payment "Vіlnі koshti" have several features related to the rules and terms of deposit registration. Standard deposit can be issued:

  • deposit term - from one month;
  • placement currency - in UAH (UAH), USD (USD) or EUR (EUR).

Interest on the current account "Free funds" on demand is calculated daily on the actual balance on the account based on the annual interest rate depending on the placement currency.

An online calculator on the bank's website will help you calculate the interest payment depending on the rate and the amount in the account.

The annual interest rate on the hryvnia account is 0%, on the dollar account - 0% and on the euro account - 0%.

How to make a deposit "Free funds"

The deposit "Free funds" from "Credit Dnipro" is designed for a wide client audience. The owners of plastic cards issued by the bank can open the deposit. If you want to issue a deposit offer on demand, you need:

  • make an application in the bank branch or through Internet banking FreeBank - indicate in it the name, surname, patronymic and telephone number of the person whose name the deposit will be registered in;
  • provide documents to identify the identity (original passport, identification code);
  • conclude an agreement for placement / opening of the deposit on the selected terms.

We provide our customers with the opportunity to make a free deposit not only in the branch, but also remotely using Internet banking FreeBank.

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