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What is eSupport Program?

Presidential initiative to support business and citizens of Ukraine who suffered the most during hostilities in Ukraine.

How can the Bank's Clients issue a support card?

  • In the Freebank system (coming soon)

How to get help from Government?

As a result of the war started by the Russian Federation, a significant number of Ukrainian citizens have moved from a number of regions in which active hostilities are taking place to other regions of Ukraine. In order to provide such persons with assistance in accommodation, employment or in other areas, the service of applying for an IDP certificate is being implemented.

How much help?

  • for persons with disabilities and children (under 18 years of age) - UAH 3,000
  • for other persons - UAH 2,000

Follow the link for a detailed description of the service and video instructions:

In addition, in the application and on the Diya portal, you can now apply for unemployment status and receive a monthly allowance if you lost your job due to the war.

Click here for a detailed description of the service:

How can the Customer use the funds on the eSupport card?

  • in any stores through an electronic wallet Google / Apple Pay
  • on the Internet through the electronic wallet Google / Apple Pay or by entering details
  • transfers of funds to other cards
  • withdraw cash at any branch of Bank Credit Dnipro

Frequently asked questions from users

If the passport does not contain information on the registration of residence in one of the relevant regions?
Contact the CNAP, the social security body or local authorities. Take with you any document proving your affiliation to the region that falls under the list: military ID, employment record book, property ownership, etc.
If I have been denied financial assistance, where can I go?
You need to apply for clarification and financial assistance, taking into account your circumstances to the social security authority through the village or city council or CNAP at the place of residence.
Where can I get advice on the eSupport Service, other than the Support Service Diya?
Advice on eSupport can also be obtained from the CNAP or USZN. Find the nearest CNAP home on the map—
What to do if the application for the service was successfully submitted, but the money did not come to the account?
If there is a message about the successful registration of the application, then the Ministry of Social Policy has accepted it and the funds are credited.
Who charges?
The Ministry of Social Policy is responsible for accrual of funds.
Can I withdraw money or transfer to another card?
Restrictions on the use of funds from the card are eSupport removed.
Can a foreigner receive a payment?
Currently, only citizens of Ukraine can obtain a certificate of IDPs in accordance with Resolution № 332 of March 20, 2022.
How much cost a bank card?
Issuance of the card eSupport is free.
What tariffs on the card eSupport?
To get acquainted with the rates on the card eSupport, click here
Which card is credited to if you send an application through Diya?
If the service is issued in the Diya application, the funds will be credited to the account of the eSupport card that you chose when sending the application.
How long will the payment be made?
The benefit is paid monthly from the moment of its registration.


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