An expert on how banks prior to issuing a loan identify bad borrowers

02 June 2017

Without examination by a person, no computer, based on databases, will be able to identify a problem borrower in advance by 100%. Verification of clients who want to arrange a loan from a bank should be complex, since mathematical algorithms are currently not replacing the intuition of a person and understanding of human qualities, behavior and character. Oleg Pakhomov, member of the Board of Directors - Director of Bank Credit Dnieper Bank risks, told about it during the XII Annual Banking Conference "Retail Banking Risk Management: Modern Methods and Technologies".

During the conference, financial market experts discussed trends, innovations and best practices in the development of retail lending, risk management, counteraction to fraud, and so on.

"Against the background of the intensification of retail lending in the last year, and the most diverse fraudsters who want to irrevocably get a loan from a bank are activated. Qualitative verification helps to minimize risks. With the development of technologies, automated risk assessment systems are being upgraded and improved, using "big data", but in my opinion, the human factor in assessing the borrower will remain a key for a long time, "said Oleg Pakhomov.

As the expert explained, in certain cases, verification may not necessarily be necessary, for example, provided a high proportion of repeat customers wishing to obtain a loan; provided that there are stable channels for attracting clients, such as salary projects, where bankers are surely aware of channels and volumes of funds that are steadily arriving; subject to constant training of the employees of the department and the confidence of the management in their competence, etc.

"Proper training and motivation are the key rule of credit expertise. The specialist should not only identify the client in appearance, but also be as accurate and accurate as possible in evaluating all documents, including the status of a passport, but also at the psychological level to understand the real needs of the client. Ability to conduct a dialogue and ask the right questions - the main qualities of a manager who works with borrowers ", - said the banker.

Among the main rules of the verification of the borrower, the expert also called the need for the verifier 80% of the time to conduct in communication with a potential client, in addition, not less important and the ergonomics of the workplace specialist.


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