Nadezhny Deposit of Credit Dnipro Bank is among the leaders in the rating of term bank deposits

15 September 2020
Nadezhny Deposit of Credit Dnipro Bank was included in the top-10 September rating of Prostobank Consulting for the best bank deposits in US dollars for a period of 9 months. In compiling the rating, the terms of the best product offers from 111 deposits from 25 leading Ukrainian banks were considered. The interest rate, the minimum deposit amount, the interest payment scheme, the possibility of replenishment or partial withdrawal were taken into account.
"The share of foreign currency deposits in the total portfolio of individuals, even despite their significant loss in return on hryvnia deposits, remains high - more than 40% in the market as a whole, which indicates a significant demand for this savings instrument," said Kateryna Shevchenko, chief Department of Retail Business Development and CRM Bank Credit Dnipro. - The purpose of foreign currency deposits is not so much to obtain additional income as to diversify the savings portfolio and minimize exchange rate risks. We traditionally offer one of the best terms of profitability of term deposits, a flexible line of terms of placement, in addition, we encourage a bonus to the rate of remote opening of deposits through Internet banking FreeBank.
Bank Credit Dnipro offers to make a deposit for terms from 23 to 450 days in hryvnia with a yield of up to 10% per annum and from 23 to 719 days in foreign currency with a yield of 1.75% per annum in any branch or remotely through the FreeBank internet banking system, which is encouraged by the base rate bonus.
The minimum deposit amount is only 500 hryvnias, 100 US dollars, 100 euros when registering through FreeBank. The client chooses the interest payment scheme - monthly or at the end of the term of the deposit - independently, taking into account his priorities and financial plans. Automatic prolongation of the deposit can be carried out an unlimited number of times at the current rate on the date of prolongation, if the depositor does not decide to abandon this option. If desired, the depositor can open a free card "Unlimited Classic", which includes a current account in the currency of the deposit, which accrues interest and refunds the full amount of the deposit after its completion, Visa Classic payment card and access to FreeBank Internet banking.
You can read more about deposit retail offers of Credit Dnipro Bank by following the link.


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