Warned - means armed: the information campaign of the National Bank to combat payment fraud is gaining momentum

31 July 2020
The National Bank's all-Ukrainian information campaign to combat payment fraud is gaining momentum, attracting new powerful partners and using various tools to inform Ukrainians about important rules of financial security and information hygiene.
Credit Dnipro Bank offers its clients and everyone who wants to join the flash mob and tell about positive scenarios of fraudsters and how to recognize them in time on positive real stories.
You can become a participant of the flash mob on the bank's pages in social networks Facebook, Instagram (bank_credit_dnepr), on the YouTube platform, in materials with the hashtag #ShahrayGudbay.
To do this, you should:
  • tell your positive / funny stories of meeting scammers (text or video);
  • indicate how the fraudster was identified (asked the mother's maiden name / wanted to get a CVV-code / offered to take certain actions with the card at an ATM / asked strange questions, etc.);
  • put the hashtag #stopfraud_challenge and #ShahrayGudbay;
  • attract friends who have a positive experience of meeting fraudsters to tell their story.

The basic rules of payment security for customers are:

  • you can never reveal the PIN code to the card to anyone, report the three digits on the back of the card, the password to Internet banking, SMS codes of banks and mobile operators;
  • to protect their own financial number, the client needs to register a SIM card on his passport;
  • you need to call the bank only at the number indicated on the back of the payment card;
  • buy and pay online only on trusted sites.

The information campaign to combat payment fraud continues in July-August 2020 in all regions of Ukraine. Useful thematic links:


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