VISA international payment system

JSC «BANK CREDIT DNEPR» is a partner of international payment system VISA (Visa International Service Association)

VISA – a global payment technology development  and support company that enables consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use electronic currency.

Company website and official address:

Official website VISA

Location: 900 Metro Centre Boulevard, Foster City, State of California, United States of America 94404

Representative office in Ukraine: 19/21  Chmelnytskogo str., Kyiv, 01030, Ukraine.


Phones for reporting a lost or stolen card:

Services provided by the company: issuing and acquiring international VISA payment cards.

Issuing of international VISA payment cards - operations on the issue of electronic payment instruments of the international payment system VISA.

Acquiring of international VISA payment cards-  technological and informational transaction’s settlement service  with the use of electronic payment instruments  in IPS VISA.

VISA currency rates are established by  VISA and are available on the website:

Exchange rates for payment card transactions at JSC «BANK CREDIT DNEPR»:


The procedure for the transfer of funds

The international payment system VISA  enables funds to be transferred within this payment system, including  cross-border transfers.

Transfer of funds is the movement of a certain amount of funds for the purpose of transferring it to the payee’s account or receiving it in cash .The initiator and the recipient may be one and the same person.

Transfer of funds is carried out in accordance with the rules of the IPS VISA in compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian  regulatory and legislative documents. The operation is carried out using an electronic payment instrument . The transfer of funds is carried out on  the basis of the  IPS reports  through interbank settlements between members - participants of the IPS VISA.


The funds are credited to the beneficiaries from 1 to 30 days in accordance with the rules of the IPS and depend on the service point, country,acquiring bank. Transfer of funds for p2p transaction  (from card to card) is carried out in a real time.

Name of the recipients of the funds in favor of which the funds are transferred and with which the relevant contracts are concluded: individuals, legal entities and
individual entrepreneurs in favor of which the funds are transferred.

The bank's tariffs for money transfer services are available at:

ATM and CAT locations , branches of JSC «BANK CREDIT DNEPR»:

Official address and contacts of JSC «BANK CREDIT DNEPR»:


The procedure for resolving disputes between members and users:

All disputes arisen between the participants and users are to be resolved in accordance with the Universal banking service agreement.

The standard conditions of VISA cards service for clients are given at the following links:  and

Types of money transfer currencies:

In Ukraine, all payments are made in national currency, regardless of the account currency;

When making a transaction abroad or іn the Internet at foreign sites for VISA payment cards, the currency of payment depends on the currency of the transaction:

- if the transaction took place in any currency other than Euro, the currency of settlement with the international payment system shall be the US dollar;

- if the transaction took place in euro, the currency of settlement with the international payment system is euro.


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