Due to changes in the legislation we ask all depositors of the depository institution JSC "BANK CREDIT DNEPR" to apply for amendments to existing contracts valid until 05.01.2015.

Bank Credit Dnepr offers a wide range of securities operations (securities) services:

  • Opening of account in securities
  • Maintenance of dematerialized securities circulation
  • Maintenance of securities account (safekeeping of securities rights), maintenance of securities circulation on securities accounts: crediting and writing-off, lock and unlock
  • Immobilization and transfer of securities ownership rights
  • Provision of clearing and settlement operations: delivery versus payment; maintenance of transactions concluded at stock exchanges with the preliminary reservation of securities and funds
  • Information services: provision of bank statement for depositors, certificates and other information about securities on the account
  • Advisory services on recordkeeping of securities ownership rights
  • Advice on securities issuance and circulation
  • Execution of pledge operations with securities
  • Conducting of operations related to money crediting, money debiting, securities rights within account in securities
  • Income on securities for the account of securities holder
  • Certification of attorney in order to participate and vote at general meetings of shareholders
  • Other services

Benefits of conducting transactions with immobilized or dematerialized securities in the National Depository System are as follows:

  • Acceleration and cheapening of the re-registration of securities ownership rights
  • Increase in securities turnover, which gives the possibility of conducting operations of purchase and sale of securities in a period of from several hours to 3 business days

Bank Credit Dnepr is an active participant of the National Depository System:

  • Client of the National Depository of Ukraine
  • Client of the Depository of the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Member of the Professional Association of Registrars and Depositories of Ukraine

Bank Credit Dnepr – one of the first banks in Ukraine to obtain the license to conduct transactions with securities. Reliability of the Bank is confirmed by its multi-year successful experience on Ukrainian stock market and is recognized by leading national rankings.

The depository institution of Joint Stock Company "Bank Credit Dnepr" has been professional participant of the stock market (securities market) since 1993 and offers the full range of securities property rights services. The depository institution is licensed by the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market on professional activity on stock market – depository activities: license AE No. 286629 of depository institution; the license period since 12.10.2013, unlimited.
Opening securities account and having depository services is very simple. You need to address to the Depository Activities Department, or one of the branches of Bank Credit Dnepr and leave contact information about yourself.

Department of Depositary Activities: tel.: (056) 376-07-53, 770-04-79, 770-05-81; tel./fax: (056) 376-07-53.


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