Credit cards

for the card issue

67 days
grace period, the annual rate of 0.01%

for the card issue and annual service

0 days
grace period

cash withdrawal

Credit card with a grace period up to 67 days

The purchases dates.

The duration of the grace period - a period during which no interest is accrued for the use of credit funds.

Salary / advance date - the estimated / planned receipt of salary or advance payments.

The billing date - the day before which you need to repay the amount of debt as of the last day of the month before last, so that the use of the loan was without overpayments.

Advantages of credit cards

Among the main advantages that provides the owner with the issuance of a credit card, it is necessary to name the opportunities it provides:

  • round-the-clock access to money - the holder of a credit card can receive the necessary credit amount as a matter of urgency and without a personal request to the bank for future income;
  • freedom in distributing money - the owner of a bank credit card can use borrowed funds without reporting to the bank about what he spends on them, while the targeted use of a classical loan is under the control of the lender;
  • the ability to regularly renew a credit line - after the repayment of the loan on time, the client can again use the loan funds by default, without engaging in a new loan.

Many credit cards have a so-called grace period, during which the client is provided with the most favorable conditions for using borrowed money. In addition, the payment of goods and services by credit card often brings its owner additional bonuses: discounts, gifts, etc.

What kind of credit cards can I get?

Our Bank Credit Dnipro offers its clients to issue several profitable credit cards with different tariffs and conditions for servicing:

  1. "Free cash" - was developed specifically for clients of bank's salary projects, does not have a grace period and does not require payment for service, interest (7%) is only in case of using credit funds (limit up to 200 000 UAH), which can be used in any moment and in any way.
  2. Freecard Gold is a multi-currency card with a chip and contactless technology, the receipt and maintenance of an account during the year is free of charge, the possible credit limit is up to 1 million.
  3. Freecard Platinum - the cost of issuing and annual service 3500 UAH / year, individual credit limit up to UAH 1 million, personal banker's services, assistance on the road (Auto Assistance program), the opportunity to visit MasterCard Lounge of the International Airport Boryspil and VIP-halls of airports around the world.

Credit bank cards Gold and Platinum offer a grace period of up to 67 days - during this period the interest rate is 0.01% per annum. Credit cards allow you to pay with five world currencies (hryvnia, US dollar, British pound, euro and Russian ruble).

An additional advantage of Freecard Platinum premium credit cards is the free non-financial service - Concierge Service. Within the framework of a credit service, an experienced personal assistant is ready to provide any assistance with regard to the order of goods and services, including reservation of tables in restaurants and cafes, booking hotel rooms, various roadside and travel assistance, etc.

Features of credit cards

Regardless of the type of credit card chosen, credit cards in Ukraine have several common features. With their help, the bank's clients can absolutely free of charge:

  • settle in the trade networks for goods and services;
  • profitable to make all kinds of purchases through the Internet;
  • withdraw cash from ATMs of any Ukrainian banks;
  • use Internet banking FreeBank;
  • set up automatic payments to pay off your loan debts.

When registering a bank credit card, GSM-banking is connected - the function of informing about the accomplished financial transactions, which allows the owner of the credit card to receive information about the cash flow via SMS messages.

How to apply for a credit card and receive it

In order to receive a credit card from Bank Credit Dnipro, you need:

  • choose the most profitable bank product for yourself - the advantages and tariffs of each credit card are described in detail in the relevant sections;
  • make an application convenient for you - for this you need to fill out a questionnaire on the site or visit the nearest branch of the bank;
  • get a loan decision - at this stage, the bank reports if it is ready to offer a credit card to the client, and if the answer is yes, it issues it.

If the application for a credit card is made online, the client indicates only his / her name and contact phone number. To make a credit card, an individual will need to visit the bank branch and present the original documents: a passport and an identification code. For registration of premium credit cards you will need to take a certificate of income. Independently calculate the order and amount of loan repayment will allow an online calculator on the site.

You can pay off your credit card debt via the Internet using the online transfer service from a card of any Ukrainian bank, as well as in cash through bank cash desks, iBox terminals, iPay and self-service kiosks of Bank Credit Dnipro (no commission).



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