Voluntary Health Insurance Program "Emergency Care"

Voluntary medical insurance package "Emergency care" - is a guarantee for the client to receive medical care 24 hours a day from INGO Insurance Company.

The service package covers:

  1. Ambulance and emergency care – call an ambulance, diagnostics, medication and transportation to the hospital.
  2. Emergency inpatient care for adults and inpatient care for children – diagnostics, hospital treatment, operations, provision of medicines, consumables and physiotherapy procedures.
  3. “INGO” - organizes medical care and covers treatment as a result:
  • acute illness or condition
  • chronic disease in the acute stage
  • accident (injuries, burns, poisoning)

The program includes:

Terms of insurance:

Coverage limit:

List of services:

Age of the insured person, years



  • resuscitation measures;
  • medical and diagnostic procedures necessary to stabilize the patient's condition;
  • medical supplies necessary for the provision of emergency medical care;
  • ambulance transportation to the nearest medical facility (in case of emergency hospital care);
  • application of plaster casts, bandages, and other measures to counteract the effects of traumatic injury;
  • ambulance departure within the city limits of the cities of Ukraine;
  • ambulance departure outside the city limits of Ukrainian cities (up to 50 km).


Total sum insured, UAH.

70 000

50 000

Cost, UAH.

2 500


Term of the contract

          1 year



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